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It is an investment opportunity exclusively for only 15 companies affiliated to CEA. It gives them access to exclusive benefits of brand visibility and priority attention in services offered.

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  • In the events hosted every year: Emerald Sponsor affiliates may host with CEA 6 or more events per year, and NON-Emerald Sponsor affiliates may hold only 2 or 3 events per year.

  • They get priority in high-level meetings with relevant Stakeholders.

  • These companies have an exclusive section in CEA's monthly newsletter NotiCEA. This newsletter is shared with our affiliates and strategic stakeholders of the association.

  • They get priority mention in CEA free press.

  • The sponsors' logos are in the backing and promotional material of all CEA's face-to-face and virtual events (General Assembly of Affiliates, Power Talks, Super Friday, Community Meets, Forums, and others).

  • The sponsors' logos are posted on the banner in all CEA's face-to-face and virtual events (Power Talks, Super Friday, Community Meets, Forums, and others).

  • The sponsors' logos are posted on all relevant publicity material.  This is all official, printed, and virtual material all year.

  • The sponsors' branding name is posted in all our corporate signatures and official communications.

  • Emerald Sponsors have priority in events and personalized meetings with relevant Stakeholders

  • They receive exclusive invitations to CEA´s Board Meetings when we have special guests invited.

  • Free Press monitoring in CEA's weekly newsletter (CEANews).

  • Sponsors' brand presence on the CEA website linked to their corporate website. Also, an exclusive area to present the sponsors' initiatives and news.

  • Sponsors ensure two free places in all paid events held by CEA. In face-to-face networking events, sponsors can also share promotional materials.