Power Talks.png

These are discussion spaces with relevant public and private sector personalities.  They are vital for transmitting members' messages, impacts, and concerns, and at the same time, to obtain updated, first-hand information of high interest.

Community Meets.png

These are spaces to generate discussions on topics of interest akin to CEA’s strategic lines: Business Environment for FDI, Corporate Security, Sustainability Management, Human Talent Management, and Networking.

Mesas de trabajo-03.png

These are conversations that mainly seek to propose solutions to public policy problems that affect the development of U.S. investment in the country. These take place when the companies expect to obtain tangible outcomes; e.g.: a document, an article, a formal statement, etc.

Reuniones estratégicas personalizadas_lo

These are on demand meetings to zoom in member companies with local authorities, public servants from Colombian and the US governments, and other actors close to the association.

Café con propósito_logo.png

Spaces to discuss business-related issues at the C-SUITE level based on the experience of affiliated companies’ collaborators from their working areas perspective.